mstwpdf is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

Martin-Stirling-Thorne-Watt Parton Distribution Functions

Here we provide the standalone interface code and grids for the MSTW 2008 (LO, NLO, NNLO) PDFs described in arXiv:0901.0002 (and arXiv:0905.3531, arXiv:1007.2624). These are also available in LHAPDF (from version 5.7.0). The MSTW 2008 PDFs supersede the older MRST PDFs. Additional PDF sets are provided for a range of αS values and heavy-quark masses. We provide supplementary plots documenting the eigenvector PDF sets and also some other key plots. We also provide the slides from selected recent talks. We provide plots related to PDF benchmarking for LHC processes and material concerning random predictions from eigenvector PDF sets.