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MSTW PDFs : PDF benchmarking for LHC processes

Update (30th January 2013):
Plots prepared for Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science [arXiv:1301.6754].

Update (30th July 2012):
Plots prepared for LHeC contribution to European Strategy for Particle Physics.

Update (9th January 2012):
Plots prepared for talk at the Ringberg Workshop [arXiv:1201.1295].

Here we provide plots associated with the paper:

G. Watt,
Parton distribution function dependence of benchmark Standard Model total cross sections at the 7 TeV LHC”,
JHEP 09 (2011) 069 [arXiv:1106.5788 [hep-ph]].

Additional plots for discussion of gg→H at the Tevatron:

R. S. Thorne and G. Watt,
PDF dependence of Higgs cross sections at the Tevatron and LHC: response to recent criticism”,
JHEP 08 (2011) 100 [arXiv:1106.5789 [hep-ph]].

See also older plots from 2010 used in:

S. Alekhin et al.,
The PDF4LHC Working Group Interim Report”,
arXiv:1101.0536 [hep-ph].

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